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AwebBook - Share My Myth

I am creating a virtual
online experimental book.

Creativity needs to explore,
as it arrives on the shore.

I am exploring many ideas,
that you see on my web site.

Many more have been discarded
since this site has started.

Bookmark this page and watch
this virtual book expand.

Picture of book on desk titled A web book - Share My Myth
Available On

The Internet

AwebBook - Share My Myth

By   LU MAR   LEE,   SA. AA.

Author of "My Last Fight" 1960

(Simply An Aspiring Author)




© 2020

Available around the Earth
via the internet.

To all of my grandchildren's

Grandchildren who will read

this to their Grandchildren.

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In the history of Word Crafting,
authors have had to choose
between the ornate or the plain.

Choosing to use more words
than necessary or distilling
their masterpiece into a
minimal word sensation.

With the advent of the internet,
story crafting can follow the
proper rules of the craft or
ignore all of the rules.

Readers are the final arbiter
when judging our skills.

Our honored readers, will
choose to read or not.

Ignore the rest,
read the Best.

Read Mine   ; )

In 1960, I was in the
Vice-Principal's Office
writing about a fight I
had on the way to school.

There were four of us in
the office, me and the
kid I was fighting,
plus two witnesses.

Each of us were handed
a paper and told to write
everything that happened.

They kept theirs simple.
More like a Headline.

Don and Louie got in a
fight and Louie lost.

I,   being Louie,   filled
both sides of the paper.

When the Vice-Principal
read mine out loud,
everyone agreed it was
the complete story.

When we left, one of
the kids said, "When
Mr. Van Deest read your
paper it was like seeing
the fight all over again."

I did not plan it then,
but that was my last fight.

I stopped fighting
and began writing.

I wish to thank everyone,
from my parents to my
family and all I have met,
during my   74   years while
roaming this unique planet.

I would be remiss if
I did not Thank every
reader of the future
who will spend time
reading this collection,
of words found here at,

I want to thank the
people who work at
whose dedication supports
a platform that lets people
make webpages like this one.

AwebBook?     Really?

1 minute
57 second read

Please read a little more,
surely it will not be a bore.

Back in Nineteen Ninety Nine,
when life was more sublime.

was developed by me
for everyone to see.

I built it as a virtual book,
and a lot of effort it took.

Making a tech manual about
HTML, made my pages shout.

My book site lasted a year,
no one shed a single tear.

Alas, I was not beaten down
I will attempt another round.

  =   =   =
In June of 2020, I discovered was not being
used and I could own it again.

  =   =   =

What a stroke of luck.
to have this come up.

I will launch a new career,
2020 will be my best year.

I will write, "Share my Myth"
in the syle of a wordsmyth.

I will be guaranteed one reader
and one buyer of my book:


Three sales guaranteed.

I am a snack writer.

A few words that spice
a cup of hot cocoa
will be an aroma
of adventure.
is designed to be used on a
cell phone, so you can have
something to read while
standing in line.

It contains my collection of
observations that I have
noted over many years,
as   I   roamed
planet earth.

Writing pictures on a wall,
during a sleepless nightfall.

With a little quiet time,
my words rest my mind.

All found in "Share my Myth"


Lu Mar   Lee

Please enjoy your reading,
with unbridled feeling.


37 second read

On the top shelf,
sits an old,
blue cloth
bound book.

Sunlight streams
onto the book's
gold lettering.


I grab it firmly
and bring it down.

I open the cover.

Words float
like smoke.

Rising slowly
up and away,
turning into
shiny hot
air balloons.

Reaching the ceiling
they change again.

Into tiny butterflies
that sparkle with the
colors of a rainbow.

Fluttering back
into the book,
the butterflies
become words
once again.

I close the cover.

I look for a table
with an empty chair.

Many more word arrangements
like this will be filling my site
at the web address below.

A syllabic tercet experiment.

5 syllables in the 1st line
7 syllables in the 2nd line
5 syllables in the 3rd line

Three lines in each stanza.
Three stanzas in the poem.

Nine lines and 51 syllables
make a simple poem.


The sunflower seed
breaking thru soft and warm soil
wants to see the Sun

The plant standing tall
following the Sun all day
will watch and have fun

The fall wind will blow
bending the old aging plant
spreading all the seed

"The purpose of a writer
is to be read. . ."

Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784,
author of the first major
English dictionary.

    =     =     =

The first step in fulfilling our
purpose as a writer is to be
a dedicated editor.

However, we must not let
perfection prevent completion.

If we write as a creative and are
filled with the desire to write,
our career will last a lifetime.

If we write to acquire income
it may become a miserable job.

The world is always
in need of writers.

Learn about writing.

Try it out with just
a few lines of words.

If it does not work out,
you can always be a reader.

If you prefer to be
a reader, my site
is open 24/7.

Don't Squeeze My Tomatoes

"Young Man, you need to look
first and then choose. You
don't need to be squeezing
every tomato in the Bin,"
said the Boomer.

"I beg your pardon Ma'am - I
happen to wash my Veggies
before eating them,"
said the Zoomer.

"And I wash mine completely,
but not before I put them in
my shopping bags during
check-out time,"
said the Boomer.

"Well EExcuuuse MEE
missy prissy," said
the Zoomer, looking
like a Bobbleheaded
doll on a car dashboard.

"Well, I never expected that,"
said the Boomer as she pushed
her nose into the air and
zoomed to the check-out stand.

This Zindex section has
a link to my Zindex page.

All pages on this site
are listed in the Zindex.

The last page added
will be listed first.

The first page added
will be listed last.

In astronomy Zenith
is the point in the sky
directly above.

I am using the Zenith
section of my book to
share the tools that I
use to help me write
and build this site.


It helped me in writing my
syllabic tercet, Sunflower.

It helps me check the meanings
of words in case I am unclear.

There are other tools
that writers can use
at Merriam's site.

Future link for complete list.


It is a hosting site
that stores my pages.

I chose them because
of the freedom to make
my own design.


I used w3schools to learn
the HTML required to make
my experimental web site.

At first it was hard
but the more I tried
the easier it became.

Future link for complete list.


Nothing More
To See Here
Lets Move Along

As they say in the movies.

Actually, Thanks for reading
and getting this far.

Creating this site has taken
longer than I expected.

To watch the growth process
of my site please bookmark
this page and be patient.

Thank - You

Use my contact @ gmail
for questions you may have.

goes in front of the @ sign

Put a ?
in the subject line.

That will let me know
you are real and not a
machine robot.

If I use a gmail link on
this page, there is a
chance that I will get
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internet robots.